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WR3D 2k24 Mod APK Download Latest Version For Android With Commentary. Enjoy this modded Version With friends.
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This wrestling game brings the electrifying energy of World Wrestling Entertainment right to your fingertips, WWE 2K24 Mod APK offering a unique blend of action, strategy, and entertainment. This enhanced version boasts an array of features that amplify gameplay, including an updated roster of WWE superstars, immersive 3D graphics, and intuitive controls.

Whether aiming to climb the ranks in Career Mode, challenge opponents worldwide, or enjoy a high-octane match with your favorite wrestlers. Engage in the most thrilling battles, customize your characters, and immerse yourself in the dramatic storylines of the wrestling world. This is your ring, your fight, and your moment to shine among WWE legends.

What is WWE 2K24 Mod APK?

This APK is an innovative mod of the original Wrestling Revolution 3D game, crafted by independent developers to enrich the players’ gaming experience. The mod is inspired by the popular 2K24 series, hence the name. It incorporates aspects such as updated 2K24 rosters, arenas and even the thrilling challenge of a General Manager (GM) mode. This modded version significantly enhances graphics, gameplay, and the roster of wrestlers, thus providing the players with a highly immersive and realistic wrestling experience. The WR3D 2K24 mod APK providing wrestling fans with the thrill and excitement of the WWE 2K24 roster right at their fingertips.


WR3D 2k24 APK

Detailed Features of WR3D 2K24 APK:

  • Updated Rosters: One of the most striking features is its comprehensive and up-to-date rosters. The game incorporates all your favorite wrestling superstars from the WWE 2K24 roster, making your gameplay experience more exciting and authentic.
  • High-Quality Graphics: The graphics of the app are significantly enhanced compared to the original game. The wrestlers, arenas, and in-game elements are designed with intricate details, providing a visually stunning and realistic wrestling experience on your Android device.
  • General Manager Mode: The General Manager (GM) mode is an exciting feature. In this mode, you get to run your own wrestling company. You can schedule matches, manage wrestlers, and make strategic decisions, giving you an immersive sense of running a wrestling company.
  • New Arenas: APK introduces a variety of new arenas inspired by the WWW 2K series. These arenas are meticulously curated to give players a fresh and engaging experience every time they step into the game.
  • Flexible Controls: The controls are designed to be user-friendly and easy to master. You can perform a wide array of moves with simple gestures, giving you complete control over the gameplay.
  • Wide Variety of Matches: From one-on-one to table ladders and chairs matches, Game offers an extensive variety of match types. This variety ensures that you get a diverse gaming experience and keeps the game exciting and unpredictable.
  • Regular Updates: APK is continually being updated by the developers, ensuring that the players get the latest features, bug fixes, and improvements to the gameplay mechanics. This commitment to providing the best wrestling experience makes App a must-have for any wrestling fanatic.

How to Download and Install WWE 2K24 APK?

In order to download and install on your Android device, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, It is necessary that you have enough storage space on your Android device.
  2. Go to the settings of your phone and enable installation from unknown sources.
  3. Download the latest version of file from the link given on the page.
  4. Once downloading process is complete, click on the file to start the installation process.
  5. When installing process complete open the APK and start playing.

Customization Options in WR3D 2K24 APK:

Character Customization:

Players have the freedom to modify their characters in the game extensively. Whether it’s changing the wrestler’s costumes, adjusting physical attributes, or selecting unique finishing moves, the game offers a highly personalized playing experience.

Entrance Customization:

One of the most thrilling aspects of any match is the wrestler’s entrance. Players can select their preferred entrance music and animations, making every match start with a bang.

Arena Customization:

The game offers a variety of arenas, each with its unique characteristics and ambience. Players can choose their favourite arena for each match, influencing the overall feel and strategy of the game. From size and layout to crowd energy, each arena provides a distinct wrestling environment.

Look at the Commentary:

The commentary feature in WWE2K24 APK stands out as a vital attribute that enhances the overall gaming experience. It is not just an auditory addition but a strategic element that provides players with insights into the match dynamics and the performance of the players. The commentary system is designed to offer a wide array of remarks and updates about the match. It meticulously follows the match events and delivers relevant commentary. The comments made by the commentators depend on the actions and events happening in the match, providing an impactful and dynamic commentary experience.


To make matches more immersive, players can also customize the commentary. They can adjust the volume, select the language, and even choose their favourite commentators. This feature is especially beneficial for players who enjoy strategic insights during their matches.


One of the standout features of the commentary is its authenticity. The game’s creators have made a concerted effort to simulate the actual voices of commentators. This impressive attention to detail adds a level of realism that is unparalleled in other wrestling games.


Another noteworthy aspect of WR3D 2K24’s commentary is its variability. The commentary changes based on the match type, the wrestler’s actions, the player’s strategy, and the match’s progression. This variability keeps the commentary fresh and engaging, making each match unique, and enhances the player’s immersion in the game.


The Mike Bail and Speaker offers robust commentary customization options. Players have the freedom to adjust commentary volume, select the language and even choose the commentators per their preference.

Our Review of WR3D 2K24 APK:

Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The game offers an immersive experience, complete with high-quality textures, extensive customization options, and detailed commentary. The roster is filled with a variety of superstars to choose from, and the addition of the GM mode provides a strategic layer to the gameplay that we thoroughly enjoyed. The game’s standout feature is undoubtedly its customization. The ability to tailor everything from your character’s appearance to the arena, entrance music, and even commentary truly makes the game a unique experience for each player.

The controls are straightforward to get a hang of, even for beginners. Furthermore, regular updates keep the game fresh and exciting, with new content added frequently. If you are lover of wrestling games then you need to play WR3D 2k23 Mod APK and WWE 2k22 Mod APK which having same functions.


Fantastic modded version of the original Wrestling Revolution 3D game that offers an immersive and realistic wrestling experience. With updated rosters of WWE 2K24 APK, improved graphics, and exciting features like GM mode, this modded version is a must-try for any fan of the WWE 2K series.

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